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Western Australian Government Opportunities

Western Australian Government Opportunities

There are many State Government Agencies that offer potential contracts to local small and medium sized businesses. Explore the links below to find supply opportunities that may be available to your business.

Tenders WA

Tenders WA is the central source of information on Western Australian public sector requests for tender and awarded contracts. Western Australian Government departments and agencies use this website to advertise their public requests and early tender advice, as well as publish awarded contracts.

Upcoming Opportunities to Contract to WA Government

The WA Government purchases a huge variety of goods, services, works and community services from thousands of businesses each year.

Department of Finance

The Department of Finance use this website to advertise tenders for contractors wanting to tender for upcoming building and works projects for government agencies.

Aboriginal Business Directory

The Aboriginal Business Directory provides Aboriginal businesses in WA with an opportunity to promote their products and services to potential buyers from government and private organisations.

Busselton Water E-Procurement Portal

Busselton Water use this portal to advertise tenders, quotes, expressions of interest and other purchasing requirements. To access the tenders on this portal, you must register as a supplier. Registration is free.

Fremantle Ports Electronic Tendering Portal

Fremantle Ports uses this portal to advertise tenders, expressions of interest, request for proposals and request for quotations for goods, works and services.

Landcorp E-Tendering

Landcorp uses this portal to advertise tenders for the supply of goods and services. Prospective suppliers can register their details to receive information about available tender opportunities, as well as download tender documents and submit bids online.

Service Alliance 2012

Service Alliance 2012 is an initiative that enables local and regional contractors to register to deliver building, maintenance and improvement work services for the Department of Finance.

Southern Ports E-Tendering 

Southern Ports use this website to publish invitations to tender, expressions of interest and request for quotations.


Synergy’s supplier webpage provides details on how to register your interest to become a supplier and bid for tenders using ARIBA, their e-procurement system.

Water Corporation

Water Corporation’s supplier and contractor page provides a list of current public tenders and information on how to become a supplier. 

Western Power

Western Power’s supplier webpage provides details on how to become a supplier and tendering information.


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