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Federal Government and National Supply Opportunities

Federal Government and National Supply Opportunities

There are many Federal Government agencies and national organisations that offer potential contracts to local small and medium sized businesses. Explore the list below to find supply opportunities that may be available to your business.

Federal Government & National Opportunities 

AusTender is a single source where you can find all Australian Government business opportunities, contracts awarded and annual procurement plans.

BuyAbility gives government and private organisations channels to do business with Disability Enterprises nationally. Joining the BuyAbility Directory can help your business connect with potential buyers and procurement opportunities.

Defence Innovation Portal
The Defence Innovation Portal connects businesses with defence supply and innovation opportunities.

ICN Gateway
ICN Gateway is the Industry Capability Network’s national online portal where you can promote your business and register your interest to participate in a range of government and private projects.

Supply Nation - Indigenous Business Direct
Supply Nation offers Indigenous businesses a unique level of access to corporate and government buyers. Their directory, Indigenous Business Direct is the first reference point for government buyers wanting to buy goods and services from an Indigenous business. Listing is free and allows private and government organisations to find your business when searching for potential Indigenous suppliers. 

National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS)
NICS is an information source of all major government infrastructure projects that are underway or in the pipeline across Australia. You can find specific project information and contact details for potential subcontracting opportunities.


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