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METRONET is the State Government's long-term plan to connect our suburbs, reduce road congestion and meet Perth's future planning needs. It is Perth’s most ambitious program of rail projects and Stage One will deliver approximately 72 kilometres of new passenger rail and up to 18 new stations.

To meet network demand and cater for the anticipated increase in passenger numbers completed, 102 new railcars (17 six-car trains) will be purchased to bolster the existing Transperth fleet.

With a target of 50 per cent local content work to manufacture these new C-Series railcars, the project is a great opportunity for local businesses to get involved.

Visit the METRONET website.

METRONET Railcar Progam Industry Capability Register 2018 

Local companies interested in taking part in the METRONET Railcar Program supply chain are encouraged to register their services using the Industry Capability Register Form below. Please send your completed form to industrylink@jtsi.wa.gov.au

Download Industry Capability Register Form

Note: registering your services does not guarantee work or imply State Government endorsements. It is provided as an opportunity to help connect the successful tenderer with local businesses.

December 2018 Industry Briefing Presenters Slides

Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation - WA Industry Link

Stantons International - Probity

Public Transport Authority - METRONET and the Railcar Procurement Program

Alstom - Industry Briefing Presentation

Momentum West - Industry Briefing Presentation

Bombardier - Industry Briefing Presentation

Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation - Local Capability Fund

METRONET Railcar Procurement - Industry Engagement Briefing 2017

In October 2017, the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI), in collaboration with the Public Transport Authority (PTA), hosted an industry briefing for the METRONET Railcar Procurement project. 

This session provided an opportunity for prospective railcar manufacturers and local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to meet and gain a better understanding of railcar requirements and the opportunities for future work.

The briefing enabled Government and potential manufacturers to understand the skills, products and services that currently exist within WA. It also helped to open dialogue by providing valuable networking opportunities for local SMEs looking to be involved in future supply chains, fleet maintenance and repair of the new electric railcars.

Industry Briefing Presenters Slides

Alstom - RS Procurement Industry Engagement 

Australasian Railway Association 

Bombardier Transportation 



EDI Rail - Bombardier Transportation 

Public Transport Authority

Rail Manufacturing CRC

Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation - METRONET Local Capability Fund


Dominic Clark, Customer Director

email:  ilan.le-peutrec@alstomgroup.com

Australasian Railway Association

Natalie Currey, General Manager – Passenger & Industry programs

Michael Larder, Head of Procurement
Derek Jackson, Sales and Business Development Manager

Li Yunguang, Senior Project Manager

Chris Fairley, Accounts Director

EDI Rail - Bombardier Transportation
Carl Delaney, General Manager

Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation
Andrew Griggs, Senior Project Officer

Public Transport Authority – METRONET
Garry Taylor, Rollingstock Project Director
Owen Thomas, Executive Director – Infrastructure Planning & Land Services

Rail Manufacturing CRC
Dr Stuart Thomson, CEO and Managing Director

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