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Berth 3 Deck Replacement Project – Port of Port Hedland

Berth 3 at the Port of Port Hedland is one of Pilbara Ports Authority’s common user berths.

Berth 3 Deck and Fender Replacement Project – Port of Port Hedland

Agency: Pilbara Ports Authority

Berth 3 at the Port of Port Hedland is one of Pilbara Ports Authority’s common user berths. The berth was built in the late 1960s and is primarily used for the export of salt and the import of fuels and general cargo.

The original Berth 3 deck replacement project was for the design and demolition of the existing concrete deck and adjacent storage shed, design and construction of a new reinforced concrete deck, new wharf fenders, and other ancillary works. The total budgeted value of the project is $33.5m.

The original contract was terminated in August 2018 following the voluntary administration of York Civil Pty Ltd. The Berth 3 deck and fender replacement works were re-tendered as a construction-only contract on 26 September 2018. Pilbara Ports Authority incorporated the WA Industry Participation Strategy and Participation Plan requirements into the new Tender to support and encourage Pilbara regional and WA industry participation.

In December 2018, a construction contract to replace the Berth 3 concrete deck, install the new wharf fenders, and complete other ancillary works at Port Hedland was awarded to Fremantle-based contractor Total AMS Pty Ltd. 

The Berth deck replacement was completed in August 2019. The project was finished two months ahead of schedule and $1.2 million under budget. 

Almost 75 per cent of the workforce that helped complete Berth 3 came from the Pilbara, Kimberley and Gascoyne area.


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