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Participation Plans

Participation Plans

What are Participation Plans?

Participation Plans are written statements that prospective suppliers use to outline their commitments to employing or involving local businesses in supply opportunities.

Prospective suppliers need to complete and submit a Participation Plan as part of their tender bid for State Government contracts that are above relevant monetary thresholds.

Types of Participation Plans

Depending on the value of the contract, prospective suppliers may need to prepare either a “core” or “full” Participation Plan.

Core Participation Plan – The prospective supplier will be required to estimate workforce numbers, demonstrate how they will generate local economic benefits and demonstrate the means for provision of full, fair and reasonable opportunity to local industry.

Full Participation Plan – Requires the same information to be completed as the Core Participation Plan with additional detail around subcontractor requirements and supply packages.

The table below demonstrates the participation plan required for a contract. The monetary values are for the total life of the contract including GST.

Participation Plan threshold amounts


Participation Plans will be used as part of the tender bid evaluation process. Prospective suppliers’ participation plans will be assessed by the State Government agency that issued the tender. The Participation Plan will be assessed on:

  • The likelihood of a prospective supplier achieving their planned local participation commitments.
  • If applicable, how a prospective supplier will offer full, fair and reasonable opportunity to local businesses.
  • A prospective supplier’s willingness to work with the government to improve supply chain capability and develop import replacement opportunities.

Both core and full Participation Plans will be weighted at either 10 or 20% of the evaluation of a tender bid.

Why do we need Participation Plans?

Participation Plans will help to establish a prospective supplier’s commitment to involve local businesses if awarded a State Government contract. The likelihood of these commitments being fulfilled will play a significant role in the evaluation of tender bids, helping to ensure State Government spending creates more opportunities for local businesses and more jobs for Western Australians.

Participation plan template

A copy of (or hyperlink to download) the Participation Plan template will be provided with the tender request documentation by the procuring State Government agency. 

Download the applicable template using the link below.

WAIPS Participation Plan Template

Please note: Bidders can now use the Standard Participation template to submit Core or Full plans for all contract types.







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