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Overseas expertise in specialised equipment

Overseas Expertise in Specialised Equipment Exemptions    

 Approval Date   Tender Reference   Agency Name  Tender Name
10/10/2018  TBA  Synergy  Maintenance of Turbine Auxiliary
23/11/2018 HSS101817 Health Support Services Supply of Needleless Intravenous Access Systems and Associated Accessories to Western Australia Health Service Providers
23/11/2018  HSS207117 Health Support Services Supply of Aseptically Compounded Goods and Services to WA Health Service Providers
3/01/2019 WACHS20182365 WA Country Health Services Renal dialysis services for the South West based in Bunbury and Busselton, including; staffing, equipment, maintenance, and consumables
23/04/2019 PWST20193282 PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA - Health Support Services Tissue Processors for Anatomical Pathology


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