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Meet Your Local Content Adviser:Gavin Ellis-Great Southern Content Adviser

We find out more about our Local Content Adviser- Gavin Ellis from the Great Southern.

We find out more about our Local Content Adviser- Gavin Ellis from the Great Southern.


Local Content Advisers (LCAs) provide advisory and referral services to businesses in regional areas, supporting them to compete for State Government contracts. There are nine LCAs based in Regional Development Commissions throughout the State.

Gavin Ellis-Great Southern Content Adviser

1. What drew you to the role of Local Content Adviser?

I’ve had a long association with the region and worked in government for 16 years and the private sector for 17 years, including time as a private consultant – giving me an appreciation of the roles of principal and supplier in procurement. A few years ago, I joined the Great Southern Development Commission as Projects Manager and was involved in progressing a number of Royalties for Regions business cases to Government – a role that drew on my experience from previous disciplines. Moving into a role of Local Content Adviser was a natural progression for me in the Commission, covering a wide breadth of elements and providing an important link between government procurement processes, agency staff and the private sector contractors and suppliers. The ultimate objective of the local content initiative is to maximise opportunities and success of local regional businesses in winning Government and private sector tenders to create jobs and grow the regional economy. This is a fantastic program that can make a real difference.

Being able to help with regional business success and keeping money in the region is very rewarding – and here I am.

2. What do you love about your region?

The natural environment is incredibly beautiful and diverse, especially the coastline that I try to access frequently – you don’t have to drive too far to get amongst it.

I also enjoy the mild climate that is particularly refreshing compared to Perth and warmer climes.

The people in the Great Southern are resilient and passionate about living in the region and everyone “just gets it” when it comes to supporting the community and local businesses.

I was born and bred in the country and love living in regional WA. In particular, Albany has a perfect mix of a regional small town feel with expanding and convenient services.


3. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I am married to Penni and we have three kids who have now all left home to make their way in their chosen professions across the country, Bronte in Nhulunbuy NT, Jack in Sydney and Lizzie in Perth.

My wife and I run a small cattle herd on “Twin Creeks” just out of Albany and we enjoy the connection of agricultural production in a naturally beautiful setting on the farm.

When time and weather allows, I venture out in the boat to cast and retrieve – sometimes resulting in fresh fish for the table and enough to share with friends and neighbours.

Gavin is involved with the Great Southern Development Commission.

Get in touch with him to keep up to date with industry events, capability building workshops and to hear about upcoming contract opportunities.

Contact Gavin on 9842 4888 or email Gavin.Ellis@gsdc.wa.gov.au.


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