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Must Be Performed in Western Australia

Must Be Performed in Western Australia Exemptions

 Approval Date   Tender Reference   Agency Name   Tender Name  



 Horizon Power

 Pilbara Grid Distribution and Transmission Network Service



 Public Transport   Authority

 Provision of Bus Services in the Claremont, Marmion   and Joondalup Contract Areas

10/10/2018  EP10241  Synergy  Mungarra Black Start
10/10/2018  EP10302  Synergy  KSS Perron Quarry bore wate supply pipe
10/10/2018  EP10353  Synergy  Denham Site Switchboard replacement
10/10/2018  EP10435  Synergy  Kalbarri Control System B gen compliant
10/10/2018   EP10253  Synergy  MPS replacement boiler drains
10/10/2018   EP10254 Synergy Replacement of Sootblower
10/10/2018  EP10260 Synergy MPS replacement of boiler drains
10/10/2018  EP10256 Synergy Bore Water 5h void water security improvements
10/10/2018  EP10201 & EP10207 Synergy Cooling Tower Wet Down System
10/10/2018  EP10208 Synergy Cooling tower repairs
10/10/2018  EP10266 Synergy Fly Ash Dam Lift
10/10/2018  EP10268 Synergy Tranport Air Compressor Replacement
10/10/2018  EP10136 Synergy Cooling Tower Replacement
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Communication Support Services at Muja Power Station
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy HVAC services to Synergy's Power Station Sites
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Fire and Safety Services to Synergy's Power Station Sites
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Specialised Weling and Shared Services at Muja Power Station
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Specialised Weling and Shared Services at Kwinana Power Station 
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Coal plant operation and maintenance
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy RBI, Stat Inspections + Specialised NDT
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Machining
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Major Maintenance Services
10/10/2018   TBA Synergy Rotary Air Heater OEM Support
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Cooling tower inspections
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Grit blasting
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Valves (Furminite)
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Precipitator
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Thermal Insulation and Cladding
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Electrical Services 
10/10/2018   Synergy Civil Works 
10/10/2018   Synergy General Equipment & Repair
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy New Admin Building at KRP
10/10/2018  TBA Synergy Demolition Phase 4
10/10/2018   Synergy Mobile Plant Equipment
10/10/2018   Synergy Calibration & Testing
10/10/2018   Synergy Environmental panel 
10/10/2018 TBC Fremantle Ports Authority Dynamic Underkeel Clearance
12/10/2018 HPO1749 Horizon Power Distribution Network Maintenance Midwest & Goldfields


Mains Roads Supply and Delivery of Crushed Rock Base and Gravel Basecourse for South Coast Highway and Coolgardie Esperance Highway
3/11/2018 EMHS20171526 East Metropolitan Health Service Radiology and Medical Imaging Services for Armadale Health Service, Bentley Health Service and Kalamunda Hospital
6/12/2018 TWDE0194201 Department of Training and Workforce Development Provision of Catering, Cleaning and Housekeeping Services for Muresk Institute
14/12/2018 WACHS20192622 Health Support Services Kimberley Renal Dialysis Services
18/12/2018 TBC Public Transport Authority Various - Provision of "Orange" School Bus Services – Batch 1 – Bunbury, Karratha, Perth, Pinjarra, Albany, Tom Price, Wangkatjungka - Kimberley
21/01/2019 WS1621549684 Synergy Replacement of Cranes at Muja Power Station
25/01/2019 CAHS18003 Health Support Services Provision of support for children with highly medically complex and technological needs in the community.
25/02/2019 DBCARIAT1519 Rottnest Island Authority Provision of Residential Commercial Property Management Services
28/02/2019 PTA190005 Public Transport Authority of Western Australia The Provision of The Geraldton Regional Town Bus Services
05/03/2019 NMTAFE0012019  North Metropolitan TAFE Provision of Cleaning Services for North Metropolitan TAFE
13/03/2019 DWER100219 Department of Water and Environment Regulations Panel arrangement to support the development and delivery of strategic policies and programs and implementation of the Western Australian Waste Strategy
17/03/2019 DTWD265S2018 Department of Training and Workforce Development Provision of Strategic Information and Advice on VET Industry Needs
11/04/2019 HP01787 Horizon Power Kununurra Truck Wash
23/04/2019 RFTHP01706 Horizon Power Esperance Power Project (PowerPurchase component of the RFT)
07/05/2019 CAHS18093a Child and Adolescent Health Services Provision of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and Reactive Maintenance (RM) for CAHS for Hydraulic Services
17/05/2019 TBA Forest Products Commission Pine Harvesting and Haulage Services
04/06/2019 CS01508 Water Corporation Subiaco WWTP Aeration (MABR) Trail
06/06/2019 TBA Department of Communities Brabham Development Civil Construction Services - EOI Process by Third Party Developer
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