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Other Policies & Procedures

Other Policies & Procedures

There are a number of other policies and procedures that are relevant to State Government procurement. These include:

Aboriginal Procurement Policy

The State Government is committed to supporting Aboriginal owned businesses through the establishment of the Aboriginal Procurement Policy. From 1 July 2018, government departments will be required to award contracts to registered Aboriginal businesses, consistent with progressive targets increasing to three per cent. The targets will apply to all Government Agencies and Government Trading Entities when purchasing goods, services, community services and works.

The Future of the Building Local Industry Policy and the Buy Local Policy

The Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) will include a number of elements and principles of the Buy Local Policy and Building Local Industry Policy. The Buy Local Policy and Building Local Industry Policy will be phased out over time.

Those aspects of the Building Local Industry Policy that are applicable to the private sector will remain until the proposed Skilled Local Jobs Bill is considered by and passes through both Houses of State Parliament.

State Supply Commission Policies

State Supply Commission (SSC) policies provide a framework for procurement that reflects best practice principles. The Western Australian Jobs Act 2017 requires the WAIPS to be consistent with SSC policies.

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