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Plan for Jobs

Plan for Jobs

The McGowan Government's Plan for Jobs outlined a number of strategies to create a more vibrant and diversified economy during a time of transition in resource investment and slowing in the residential building sector. Work is underway to implement the strategies.

One of the priority strategies was to ensure the $27 billion spent annually on State Government procurement supported local industry and retained or created new jobs for Western Australians.

To deliver on this commitment, the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017 (WA Jobs Act) was passed on 7 December 2017. Following this, the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) was developed to give effect to the objectives within the WA Jobs Act.

Continuing the commitment to deliver legislation which encourages the use of local industry participation, work has commenced on another of the Plan for Jobs priority initiatives in the Local Jobs Bill. 

The intention of this Bill is to ensure benefits from major projects within the Mining, Construction and Oil and Gas industry sectors flow through to local business, essentially creating more jobs and business opportunities for West Australians. 

The Bill aims to maximise local content across private sector infrastructure and resources projects within the State and will be developed in line with the principles of providing a full, fair and reasonable opportunity to WA based businesses. 

A central feature of this approach will be the inclusion of Skilled Work Agreements which will outline a project’s potential employment, skilling and contractual opportunities. 

A Collaborative Approach

A key success factor of the development and implementation of the WA Jobs Act and the WAIPS was an extensive consultation with key stakeholders. The creation of an environment that encourages close collaboration between Government and Industry will form an integral part of the development and implementation of the Local Jobs Bill. 

Consultation groups from within mining, construction and oil and gas are being established to bring together key stakeholders including project proponents, suppliers, industry associations and unions with the intention to gain input in shaping the drafting of the Bill and, in particular, the development of a workable and appropriate Skilled Work Agreements framework. 

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