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Plan for Jobs

Plan for Jobs

The McGowan Government's Plan for Jobs outlined a number of strategies to create a more vibrant and diversified economy during a time of transition in resource investment and slowing in the residential building sector. Work is now underway to implement the strategies.

One of the priority strategies was to ensure the $27 billion spent annually on State Government procurement supported local industry and retained or created new jobs for Western Australians.

The Plan for Jobs also included a commitment to enact legislation which aimed to generate opportunities for businesses, particularly local small and medium sized businesses, to compete for government contracts.

This proposed legislation drew from the successful Victorian Industry Participation Policy Act 2003. When enacted it would require all government agencies to include opportunity for local industry participation as an important criterion in tender evaluation and relevant procurement processes. 

The Result

The first step towards fulfilling this election promise was the drafting of the Western Australian Jobs Bill 2017. The Bill was introduced into State Parliament in November 2017, it then was passed by both Houses on 7 December 2017 to become the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017 (WA Jobs Act). Following this, the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) was developed to give effect to the objectives within the WA Jobs Act .

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