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Bunbury Regional Prison Expansion

The Department of Justice will be constructing a new living unit at Bunbury Regional Prison along with a range of facility upgrades.

Bunbury Regional Prison Expansion

Agency: Department of Justice

In order to provide additional secure custodial accommodation for the male estate, the Department will be providing 160 beds by constructing an additional living unit at Bunbury Regional Prison.

 To support the additional accommodation, upgrades will be undertaken to the utility services on site, including a dining hall with kitchen facilities, an officer post, interview rooms, and staff amenities. The scope of the project includes a strong focus on a high standard of security, quality and sustainable design.

In November 2018, ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd was awarded the $15.4 million contract to build the 160-bed unit at the prison along with a number of upgrades. 

The new 160-bed double-storey accommodation unit at the prison was complete in November 2019.

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