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Meet Your Local Content Adviser:Simon Marwick-Kimberley Local Content Adviser

We find out more about our Local Content Adviser, Simon Marwick from the Kimberley region.

Meet the Kimberley Local Content Adviser Simon Marwick


Local Content Advisers (LCAs) provide advisory and referral services to businesses in regional areas, supporting them to compete for State Government contracts. There are nine LCAs based in Regional Development Commissions across the state.

Over the next few months, we will introduce each of our friendly LCAs, so you can get to know them and the services they offer. 

Simon Marwick-Kimberley Local Content Advisor

  1. What drew you to the role of Local Content Adviser?

Having moved to the region, coming from the somewhat stable construction industry of Perth, I experienced firsthand the contrast from metro to regional employment and business opportunities, and the impact this has on the community. The LCA role allows me the ability to get involved to make a positive change and potentially have a real influence on the Kimberley community.


  1. What do you love about your region?

What’s not to love about the Kimberley! I’d have to say the thing I appreciate most about the Kimberley region is the ability to get outdoors amongst the environment with amazing camping and fishing right on our doorstep. With so many options there is constantly something new and exciting to explore. Coming from a farming family in York, WA, I love the same laid back, friendly, country town feel the whole region has and the great people that call it home.     


  1. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I have a bit of an obsession with fishing, which may have had a substantial influence on our decision to move to the region... This passion eventually led to me developing a business designing, manufacturing and distributing fishing tackle for the Australian market. Having built a business in the industry has given me the ability to create a space where I can contribute back to the community, such as only selling to independently owned retailers and donating a percentage of profits back into recreational fishing initiatives.   


Contact Simon on  9194 3000 or email at simon.marwick@kdc.wa.gov.au



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