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Meet Your Local Content Adviser: Tony Emmott - Mid West Content Adviser

Loccal Content Advisers provide advisory and referral services to businesses in regional areas, supporting them to compete for State Government contracts.

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Local Content Advisers (LCAs) provide advisory and referral services to businesses in regional areas, supporting them to compete for State Government contracts. There are nine LCAs based in Regional Development Commissions across the state.

Meet Tony Emmott - Mid West Local Content Adviser

What drew you to the role of Local Content Adviser?

After spending most of my working life in small business and the last 20 in a regional centre, I have a significant appreciation for the importance of local content in sustaining regional economies. When the chance came up to join the LCAN team, I realised this was an opportunity to help drive change in some of those areas that are challenging for businesses in the regions. The two-sided nature of the role is appealing. You not only get to work with agencies to encourage an attitude of continuously providing local content opportunities but you also get to educate regional business about the need to build capacity and engage in the massive opportunities that state government provides.

What do you love about your region?

What’s not to love? We have lived in Geraldton for 20 years now and since we moved here from Perth we have found everything we need to enjoy life. A huge array of sports, great education facilities, amazing ocean activities and great services. The diversity of the economy is great for stability and we found it so easy to integrate into the community. It’s ended up that we’re out socialising more than all of our grown children are. Last but not least, when you can go and catch some crayfish before work in the morning and have them fresh for lunch – where else would you want to be?

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I have never really grown up. Every chance I get I will drive a truck or a tractor or something big and noisy that smells of diesel. Over the years I have accumulated licenses to operate most things including road trains (purely for the adrenalin). My philosophy is if you can’t play with big and noisy then small and extremely fast is a good substitute. One day, when I have a bit of time, I plan to strip down and rebuild a good old fashioned Aussie car. I’m only missing two things – a shed and a car, but apparently all good things come to those who wait! 


Tony is based in the Mid West Development Commission (GSDC) offices in Geraldton. However, he frequently travels around the region visiting a variety of stakeholders.

Contact Tony on 9956 8589 or email local.content@mwdc.wa.gov.au


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