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Meet Your Local Content Adviser: Charlotte McIntyre - Great Southern Content Adviser

We found out more about our Local Content Advisers, with Charlotte McIntyre from the Great Southern region.

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Local Content Advisers (LCAs) provide advisory and referral services to businesses in regional areas, supporting them to compete for State Government contracts. There are nine LCAs based in Regional Development Commissions across the state.

Meet Charlotte McIntyre - Great Southern Local Content Adviser

1. What drew you to the role of Local Content Adviser?

It seems obvious to me that there should be a priority put on engagement of local business to fulfill government contracts where possible. Building strength in regional WA has so many positives for the future of our state. I am excited to be part of a team which works to enable that to happen, whether it be through influencing the behavior of government or supporting local business to increase capacity.  I enjoy this role where every day is different and I get to adopt a flexible approach to how I work.

2. What do you love about your region?

The Great Southern satisfies all my aspirations for the perfect place to live and work. It has access to brilliant services such as the Albany Health Campus, a taste of city life in the shops and restaurants of Albany and surrounds, beaches that I would have paid a fortune to holiday on in my previous life in the UK and countryside that produces food and places to roam in abundance. It’s a bit of everything, all within a days’ drive. I even love the weather, as I consider winters here to be mild, the rain makes everything green and I am no fan of the heat!

3. Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I have lived in Australia for 19 years, all of them in Albany. My partner and I bought a semi rural property just outside town, on which we demolished the old weatherboard house and built a new one, which we designed ourselves. Never having demolished, designed or built a house before, we thought that it couldn’t be that difficult. We were possibly a little naïve on that score; but have ended up with the loveliest home of which we are very proud. I have a horse, a cow and breed Australorp chickens.

Charlotte is based in the Great Southern Development Commission (GSDC) offices in Albany. However, she frequently travels around the region visiting a variety of stakeholders.

Contact Charlotte on 9842 4813 or email charlotte.mcintyre@gsdc.wa.gov.au


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