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Local Jobs Bill takes another leap forward after meetings with industry groups

Three industry groups were established by the State Government to get feedback on the Local Jobs Bill

The State Government's Local Jobs Bill is starting to take shape.


The State Government’s introduction of their flagship Local Jobs Bill has taken another leap forward after the first round of meetings with key industry groups.

Three Industry Consultation Groups (ICGs) from the Energy, Mining and Construction Industries were established by the State Government to get meaningful and real feedback for the development and implementation of the Local Jobs Bills.

The objective of the Local Jobs Bill is to help build and diversify Western Australia’s economy by ensuring the benefits from projects within the Energy, Mining and Construction industry sectors flow through to local businesses, creating more jobs for Western Australians.

The State Government is also creating a close collaboration between the ICGs and the union with the intention to gain input into shaping the drafting of the Local Jobs Bill.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) hosted the first Mining Industry Consultation group on June 5, which involved representatives from Rio Tinto, BHP, Roy Hill, the Australian Steel Institute, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and other key stakeholders.

The feedback JTSI representatives received from the mining sector was very positive with industry stakeholders keen to engage.

A common theme that came out of the Mining Industry Consultation group was about working together to avoid duplication with the Australian Jobs Act and increased red tape.

The Construction Industry Consultation group - which featured key industry bodies - held their first meeting on June 6.

JTSI hosted the first Energy Industry Consultation group on May 8, which has been created from the LNG Jobs Taskforce.

JTSI is planning to have more meetings with the three ICGs in the coming months to gather more feedback for the implementation of the Local Jobs Bill.

The three ICG’s and the unions will not only provide input into the development of the Local Jobs Bill, but also collaborate on the inclusion and design of the Skilled Work Agreements.

An inter-departmental working group from the Departments of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation; Premier and Cabinet; Training and Workforce Development; Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety; Primary Industries and Regional Development as well as the Office of the Premier and the State Solicitor’s Office has been established to guide the drafting of the Bill.

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