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Changes to the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy will create more opportunities for WA businesses

Key changes to WAIPS will ensure WA businesses receive a bigger share of work by maximising supply opportunities.

WAIPS 2020 is the second update of the strategy since its launch in October 2018.


New changes to the Western Australia Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) will enhance opportunities for local businesses to bid for WA Government contracts.

The enhancements to the WAIPS 2020, announced by the Premier Mark McGowan on November 19, will continue as a key means of ensuring WA businesses receive a bigger share of work by maximising supply opportunities.

The improvements to WAIPS will simplify processes, strengthen accountability measures required of WA Government agencies, and create better outcomes for local businesses, local skill building, local jobs and communities.

Through the WAIPS, agencies are being encouraged to set targets for local businesses’ involvement in projects, with this process used for the METRONET Railcar Procurement Program and the Bunbury Outer Ring Road.

There are five key enhancements to the WAIPS 2020 which will reinforce the objectives of the Western Australian Jobs Act 2017 (WA Jobs Act), including: 

  • extension of the coverage of WAIPS to government grants for capital works
  • introduction of training support for regional businesses on how to sell to government
  • clearer guidelines on contract management
  • extension of the strategic project concept, used successfully on METRONET, to regional contracts. 

Another key change to the WAIPS is the use of early tender advice and look-ahead lists to provide local businesses with advance information on forthcoming major government contracts.

The intent is to enable local businesses to have a greater period for preparation when tendering for government contracts.

This builds on the success the WAIPS has had to date with 312 participation plans received, which commit to an estimated 28,334 WA jobs, including 1,817 apprenticeships and traineeships.

The WA Jobs Act makes provision for the Minister for State Development, Jobs and Trade to amend the WAIPS as required. For this reason the WAIPS is a flexible document that will be updated so that it remains relevant, fit for purpose and continues to evolve and adapt to a changing procurement environment.

WAIPS 2020 is the second update of the strategy since its launch in October 2018, in line with the government's commitment to continually improve WAIPS through ongoing consultation with stakeholders, such as the 18 recently concluded Regional Communication Forums. 

The outcomes and effectiveness of the WAIPS are communicated via the WA Industry Link Annual Report – copies of the Annual Report can be accessed on the Industry Link website

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